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Optimized and Academic

Consulting group at the University of Chicago driving change for businesses and non-profits globally

Discover our Expertise

Pareto Solutions exists to solve critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, optimize performance and productivity, and achieve their vision.


Generative culture

Founded in 2013, Pareto Solutions is relatively young, and we take pride in our sustained growth over the years. Our diversely talented team is united by an entrepreneurial drive, generating value beyond just their engagements.

Creative mindset

Pulling from the innovative academic history of our university, we pride ourselves on the layers of rigor and creativity that we append to the fundamental methods of consulting.

Client focus

When it comes to confidentiality, punctuality, and results-driven work, we take our responsibility seriously, prizing professionalism, and client service above all else.

Future prospects

Through ongoing education, events, and alumni engagement, we strive to give every member of Pareto the freedom to carve the career path of their choice.

Pareto by the Numbers




International Students


Previous Clients


Years of Client Service



We take immense pride in our culture, members, and the community we foster. Recruited from a highly competitive pool of talented University of Chicago students, our consultants bring a diversity of academic, professional, and personal backgrounds to our consulting work. With over one-third of our consultants coming from an international background, and academic majors represented ranging from History and Law, Letters, and Society to Math and Computer Science, we are well equipped to serve clients covering a wide array of industries across the globe.

Our People

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