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About Pareto

We are a consulting club driven by a desire to grow with our community.

We are passionate about giving back to Chicago, and

work pro-bono for non-profits and small businesses in Chicago.

What We Believe 

Values that keep us on track

  • Prioritize Clients and Results First

  • Give Back to Chicago Businesses and Communities

  • Facilitate Growth in Careers and Education for Pareto Consultants

  • Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on Campus

  • Achieve Sustainable Solutions


What We've Done 

What We Can Do 

We collaborate with our clients to approach projects through a structured approach: framing the problem, researching, identifying solutions, and the recommendation process.

We bring academic expertise through our consultants' particular focus areas of study. 

We've worked with a variety of clients, ranging from small startups to established sector leaders and innovators.


Our work often extends beyond these areas to serve the particular needs of clients.

We synergize with our clients' organizations to effectively provide impactful results.

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