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What is Pareto? 

(n.) [pəˈredō]

The Pareto Principle is an aphorism asserting that 80% of all outcomes result from 20% of all causes. 

But don't worry, we'll help you find 100% of those causes.

Our Core Values

1. Prioritize Clients and Results First


2. Give Back to Chicago Businesses and Communities


3. Facilitate Growth in Careers and Education for Pareto Consultants


4. Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on Campus


5. Achieve Sustainable Solutions

Strategy consulting is a professional service that seeks to help clients solve some of their most challenging and fundamental business problems. We collaborate with our clients to approach projects through a structured approach: framing the problem, researching, identifying solutions, and the recommendation process. Additionally, we bring academic expertise through our consultants' particular focus areas of study. Click here to learn more about previous work we've done.

What is Consulting?

How we're Enacting Change

Everything we do is driven by a desire to grow with our Community. We are passionate about giving back to Chicago, and work pro-bono for non-profits and small businesses in Chicago. Our strategic recommendations are uniquely tailored for the needs of each client, and we are proud to have made a real difference to the livelihood of so many wonderful Chicagoans.

Even outside of the club, our members are constantly looking for ways to get involved with helping our community.

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